FP-3 COLLEGE PRIMER PACK (2-IP240, 2-RS251, IP902, IP906, GT3, IPJC & MB1)


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Artikelnr. 994851

The Fundamental Educational Packages are a set of three different educational products designed with input from today's leading percussion educators. Each package offers the necessary percussion tools for the beginner, intermediate, and college bound percussion student, all in one easy to purchase stick bag and at an economical package price.

FP-3 College Primer Pack Contains:
IP240 - Soloist Series / Medium Marimba (2 pair)
RS251 - Rattan Series / Medium Vibraphone (2 pair)
IP902 - James Ross Series / Red - Medium Soft Xylo / Bell
IP906 - James Ross Series / Black - Brilliant Xylo / Bell
GT-3 - Timpani / Medium, General
IP-JC - James Campbell / Hickory
MB-1 - Cordura Mallet Bag