Z-TONE Buffer Boost


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Preamp/DI pedal with advanced tone shaping

Guitar & bass pedalboards are all about exploring new tones & textures, creating a wide range of sound for your instrument. Z-TONE™ Buffer Boost takes your live rig to a new level, letting you shape the sound of your instrument with the input circuits from our award-winning
AXE I/O interface.

Audio specs
I/O Gain: Unitary, from 1/4” input JACK to both 1/4” and XLR outputs when GAIN is at 0dB and Z-TONE at the SHARP position.
Gain Range: From -8dB to +8dB
Boost range: From 0dB to +10dB
Input impedance - Z-TONE set on PASSIVE mode: Variable from 1MΩ down to 2.2kΩ
Input impedance - Z-TONE set on ACTIVE mode: Approx 20kΩ
Output impedance, unbalanced out: 56Ω
Output impedance, balanced out: 600Ω
Max input level before clipping: +13dBm when powered by 48V phantom,+9dBm when powered by 9V battery
Dynamic Range: better than 114dB(A) for both outputs, input gain at 0dB
Total Harmonic Distortion, balanced output, 1kHz, +4dBm input: 0.0033% (PURE), 0.2% (JFET)
Total Harmonic Distortion, unbalanced output, 1kHz, +4dBm input: 0.00055% (PURE), 0.2% (JFET)
Frequency response: from 5Hz to 30kHz -1dB
Phase deviation: 0° +/-10° from 20Hz to 20kHz

Phantom power: +48V phantom on Balanced output.
Battery power: 9V
External DC power: 9VDC, positive outside - not included
Current consumption from P48 phantom power source: 6.5mA
Size: 10.8cm/4.25" x 12cm/4.72" x 5.8cm/2.28"
Weight: 600g/21.2oz

Package includes
Z-TONE Buffer Boost unit